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Your trusted friend

A virtual mental health coach available 24x7, supporting those dealing with anxiety, depression, loneliness, and more.

Hi Sriram

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Judgment-free, human-like avatar providing essential support for stress and anxiety.

Depression is a leading cause of mental health issues and is often preceded by untreated stress and anxiety followed by rumination.

More than 40+ million people today suffer from various forms of stress, anxiety, and mild depression, with more than $300 billion spent on treatment in the US alone.

Benefits  of  Happi

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Personalized Support

Tailored to individual needs and assistance based on user's unique situations and emotions.

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24X 7 Accessibility

Happi platform offers 24/7 mental health support, anytime, anywhere.

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Safe & Secure

We prioritize your privacy with top-tier encryption and strict protocols, ensuring no session audio or video is stored. 

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Compassionate AI

Olivia has been trained to speak with compassion and empathy. She is a great listener and asks probing questions to better understand how she can help you. 

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Memory & Insights

Olivia remembers your conversations with her and even identifies the appropriate topic to bring up at the appropriate time. 

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Olivia lets you share your most intimate thoughts without bias or judgement that can often accompany sharing with an individual. 

Meet Olivia

Meet Olivia, Your AI Emotional Companion: Trained in the principles of neuroscience and psychology, Olivia provides compassionate, non-judgmental support for those in need. Access expert insights, receive follow-up questions, and benefit from proactive suggestions anytime, anywhere. Olivia offers affordable and accessible emotional well-being for everyone.

Express yourself freely

Speak naturally to Olivia. Speaking offers a distinct advantage over typing due to its capacity to convey nuanced emotions and subtleties that might be missed in written communication.

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Unlock Your Happi Journey Today!

"Olivia accurately grasped my situation and offered valuable advice. Her insights were spot-on, making me feel understood and supported"

User in their 30s, Female

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Meet the Mind Behind Happi

James R. Doty, MD

James R. Doty M.D. is an entrepreneur, neuroscientist, compassion researcher, neurosurgeon and philanthropist who is recognized for developing interventions that are used throughout the world for the treatment of stress and anxiety.

He is the founder and director of the Stanford Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education and an adjunct professor in the department of neurosurgery at Stanford University School of Medicine. He is the former CEO of Accuray (NASDAQ: ARAY) and has been an advisor, board member and consultant to several medically related startups.

Co-Founder, CTO

Sriram Thodla 

Sriram Thodla has over 15 years of experience in product innovation, user centered design, product management & user experience design at a Global Fortune 50 company.


Over the past decade, he has helped Samsung create & launch Smart TV, Smart Home, IoT, Voice Assistant, Camera Shopping and Augmented Reality services at Samsung. Prior to Samsung, he worked with innovation groups at Target, Motorola, Toyota, Boeing, Plantronics & Microsoft. 

Advisory Team


Dr.Moudy Elbayadi

Dr. Elbayadi is an experienced technology executive and cybersecurity expert with 25+ years of leadership experience in consumer, SaaS platforms, and enterprise software. As the co-author of "Big Breaches: Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone", Dr. Elbayadi is recognized as a thought leader in cybersecurity and board governance. Dr. Elbayadi is a purpose-driven leader who focuses on winning hearts and minds to ignite high performance and has a proven track record of building and leading engaged teams.

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